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comics with TG things:


by erin Lindsey, the longest running TG comic to date and it is wonderfull and heart warming ^_^

by fireball, man this is absalutly faaaaannnnntastic!!! hopefully it'll be made into a movie or TV series as it simply does deserve it.

by mal, about a transwomman who gets sick with society that she decides to kill those bastards who find transsexualism funny, and when she dosent kill them, she lops their nobs off ^^.

by Jenn Dolari, a realy warm story about a ts that moves in with a girl and lots of weird stuff happens.

by Matt Nishii a FtM, not a perticular storyline but a whole load of scetches which seems to show the funnier side of transsexuality.

by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson, a magical comic where a girl loves to swap the gender of peeps, why cant she be real??? :'(


by Laren Coven, a story about a tg gal named Rene and all her crazy antics



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