Dark days


by Jennifer Murray

Dark Days is rated a WEB:14 as it contains references that may not be sutable for younger audiences, such as; transexuality, gay & lesbian, strong language and scenes which include violence if you do not like any one of these things, please go here

to dark days!!!!

we'll love you forever! And i'll make me update more often!



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jens bitching:




ya know, its great be be sure that you can rely random teenagers with too much ego to vandleise what ever they can't nick. like my bike for example, a lovely yamaha DT: 50, now covered in chocolate milkshake and with the spark plug pulled out. Its these type of people that makes me want to see if i can make balloon animals with intestines *sigh* (most) teenagers are dick heads, especialy chavy bastards with enough geenish gold gewlry to sink a aircraft carrier.


ok ok so i havnt updated in ages cept for alxe's strip but hopefully it'll be up some time later




I've finished the pencils of the comic so it should be up soon, in other news, i've mooved the forum to proboards, so sign up ^^


heeeya peeps i'm back and now i will be working on the new dark days V2 enjoy:)


going on holliday to Torfu a greek island. while i'm there i will be making comics and writing my book, Dragon Plane


todays filler is done by mal of high maternence (how ever you spell it lol)

great work, i absalutly love it : )



if you tried to mai me and it didnt work, its because i put the wrong email addy in, its dukeofsiamy@yahoo.co.uk not dukeofsiamy@yahoo.com



ok so i havent updated in ages i am realy sorry but i have had problems lately but hopefully it should be sorted soon :'-(


so i have completly redone the site and i still have the archive, bio and links page and i'll add a gallery once i recive some fan mail (as if lol)


ok i have sorted the bugs in the links so no more probs